We offer a wide range of business jets and helicopters in Istanbul. Our advanced business jets are considered among the world’s leading, and provide our clients maximum comfort and safety throughout the flight.

The size of our fleet means you will always have a jet available when needed and guarantees the best flying experience ever over short, medium and long range flights.

With a dedicated operations and sales team available to meet your demands, every flight schedule designed around each individual request

Falcon 900EX

Falcon 900EX cabin has 14 seat capacity.

Seat Capacity : 14
Range : 4500 nautical miles

Hawker 850XP

Hawker 850XP has 8 seat capacity and 2200 nautical miles range.

Seat Capacity : 8
Range : 2200 nautical miles

Challenger 300

We offer a variety of stand up cabin jets, smallest being Challenger 300 aircraft. Our 2014 model jet has twin club seating arrangement for 8 passengers.

Seat Capacity : 8
Range : 3100 nautical miles

Sikorsky S-76C

Sikorsky S-76C

Seat Capacity : 6
Range : 410 nautical miles

Eclipse 500

Eclipse 500 cabin is the most quiet among all jet engined aircraft. With its 4 seat capacity and 1100 nm range, Eclipse 500 is the most economical solution for short range flights between city pairs.

Seat Capacity : 3
Range : 1100 nautical miles

BELL 407

Our fleet of two identical Bell 407 helicopters is ideal for your intra city trips and flights to locations without airfields within Turkey. Our ability to operate two helicopters simultaneously will provide an economic option for flying large number of passengers to exact spot you want to visit.

Seat Capacity : 6
Range : 320 nautical miles