Make the Most Out of Your Time

Private Aircraft Charter

You can fly where you want, when you want, without having your trip revolve around flights schedules or delays. GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. provides personalized aircraft charter services. Fly with GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. and fly with privacy, convenience and security.

Corporate Aircraft Charter

Companies that have extensive travel requirements and need to have a company that they can trust to provide safe, fast and comfortable service are the ideal clients for GENEL HAVACILIK A.S.. Centralize your flight department and let GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. handle all of your travel needs. No matter whether you need to visit multiple locations in a single day or fly to a location which is not served by scheduled airliners, GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is ready to assist you.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. charter services can be used to supplement or replace owning an aircraft, which requires large investments and time consuming management. Visit out-of-the-way clients, facilities or multiple locations in a single day

Assistance on entire phase of the flight

Our dedicated charter agents will help you to choose the closest and most convenient airport at your destination, help to prepare your itineraries by informing you about flight times and airport requirements, arrange the catering per your preference and have the aircraft ready within 3 hours.

Transparent Quoting

In GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. the charter quote for flight is generated based on the actual flight time and the actual ground handling costs, no guestimates, no inaccurate pricings, no bad surprises. You get the same high quality service each time, every time.

Heli Charter

No matter whether you need to skip heavy traffic in downtown, cross the Bosphorus straits in no time or need to land at a certain spot in country, GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. helicopter charter service is the smartest choice.

Our Bell 407 helicopter has a seat capacity of five and a range of 500 km, enough to fly you to Mediterranean coast from Istanbul.

Our dispatch reliability is one of the highest in the industry thanks to our in house maintenance capabilities. We are ready to respond and commence the operation within one hour.

For Aircraft Owners

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. assists aircraft owners to reduce the cost of ownership by offer the aircraft for charter. As the oldest private jet company in Turkey, our relationships have been strengthened throughout 30 years.

With a reputation for excellence, marketing prowess and a dedicated staff of charter coordinators GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. creates a personalized usage scheme to meet your needs.

  • Dedicated flight manager 24 hours a day, year-round
  • Aircraft marketing in numerous B2B online databases
  • Access to extensive network of high-volume charter clients
  • 100% owner control over scheduling and aircraft availability

For Charter Customers

Chartering a private jet allows you to fly anytime, anywhere, on any of the aircraft you prefer. For each individual trip you book, you can choose from any specific aircraft type or aircraft cabin size we offer.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S.’ our fully-customizable charter program allows every trip to be tailored to meet your travel needs and you have the choice to charter any aircraft in the GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. fleet or approved vendor fleet in any aircraft type you prefer. Each trip is individually priced in great precision, based on available aircraft on a given period.

Stringent and unyielding commitment to passenger safety

Executive charter aircraft in general have compiled an outstanding safety record in recent years, comparable to or better than that of the airlines. Even still, when choosing an aircraft charter provider, it is important to determine whether the charter company you are considering meets the highest safety standards possible.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. proudly supports the utmost safety procedures, guidelines, and licensing. Air safety is ensured by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Administration of Turkey which has signed a working arrangement with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and per requirements of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Document 9859 working on adopting a Safety Management System (SMS).

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is committed to the establishment and continued development of a safety culture. Safety always take precedence over all other aspects of the business.