Comprehensive Control

In order to ensure a positive aircraft ownership experience, it is critical owners to appoint an operator who fully understands this highly regulated industry with the most meticulous attention to detail. Our Aircraft Management program is designed for individuals who plan to own aircraft cost eff­ectively while avoiding regulatory complexities and expense of managing their aircraft in-house.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. holds an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) for JAR OPS 1 commercial operations. We act as your aviation partner, providing fl­ight operations, fl­ight crew, aircraft maintenance, regulatory compliance, aviation accounting, insurance coordination and administration as well as pre delivery assistance.

Furthermore by placing your aircraft under GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. AOC and with our extensive VIP charter clientele, we can help defray the cost of aircraft ownership by chartering out the aircraft when it is not in use by the owner. Our crew and engineers are highly experienced in ­flying and maintaining aircraft from full spectrum of aircraft manufacturers.

Comprehensive Aircraft Management

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. Aircraft Management Program provides a complete freedom from the complexities of day-to-day flight operations and ensures that your aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by the best in the business. Our Aircraft Management Program covers all aspects of aircraft ownership.

Local and international
regulations compliance

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. Quality Assurance team handles all regulatory compliance issues with great precision and ensures both the aircraft and the flight operations are within international standards.

Flight operations with

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. performs all flight operations and manages crew activities to maximize the operations of your aircraft. Our operations team reacts to your immediate needs and provide real time solutions.

Cost effective operations with
transparent invoicing

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. accounting department works closely with designated financial representative to provide customized reporting and transparent & informative invoices.

Keeping maintenance
under the same roof

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S.’ maintenance facility operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures per EASA / Turkish DGCA regulations and keeps your aircraft in peak condition with minimal downtime.